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Your Stairlift Remote Batteries Are Bad...How To Easily Change The Batteries.

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Many stairlift users inadvertently assume the worst when their stairlift call/send remotes stop working properly. Here are a few common mistakes and what to do instead. Please note that guide is specific to the Bruno Elan SRE-3000, and the Bruno Elite SRE-2010.

My Stairlift Remotes Do Not Work

You go to call your stairlift from the opposite side of the staircase. You press the remote button to call the lift to you...nothing. The remotes are not working. This can be a very frustrating situation. You need the stairlift to navigate the staircase, and now you find yourself in a position where it's not working properly.

Bruno Stairlift Remotes | New & Old Styles

Don't worry too much at this point. The first thing you are going to check is the batteries. This is usually the case, and fortunately, there is an easy (DIY) solution. 😃

Flip the remote over and look at the backside. On the old style remote there is a rectangular section that pops out. You can use a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife to pry the panel open. Note that you DO NOT need to remove the screws at the bottom of the panel. Inside you will find a 9V battery. If the battery loose, try pushing it in to sung up the connections. If the battery is not loose, try replacing the 9V battery.

The new style remove has a back panel that slides off to reveal two AA batteries. Push the panel in the same direction as the arrow on the back panel. Swap the batteries with a new set. If that does not work, you may want to increase the pressure on the spring that pushes on the negative side of the battery. Simply take a flathead screwdriver and extend the spring out. Be careful not to apply too much force, as this could pull the spring out completely. See the example below...

Increase Spring Pressure, Bruno Stairlift Remote Repair

If your remotes are still not working, you may need to call a local dealer to come service your lift. If you're located in New Jersey or Philadelphia, call Mobility123 at 609-385-9575 or email help@mobility123.com to open a support ticket. Mobility123 is here to help!

If the above guide did is not clear and you need additional information, check out the short video below. The video gives a very quick overview on how to replace the batteries in both the new style stairlift remotes and the old style stairlift remotes.

How To Change Stairlift Remote Batteries
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